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tv   WFXR News Good Day Virginia 7  FOX  February 25, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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include strong upper leveltrough moves across today into tonight. high pressure builds in by friday afternoon and then shifts to thesoutheast u.s. over the
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"things were hitting me in my back. i felt a tree or limb hit me in my head. i guess it was it may have been part of the house. i didn't see it till i was holding on for dear life." now on good day virginia: severe weather across the weather across severe now on good now on good day virginia: severe weather across the commonwealth. governor terry mcauliffe declares a state of emergency as residents begin the rebuilding process. thursday, february 25th. thanks for joining us here on good day virginia. i'm january keaton and i'm kyle benjamin four people are dead and dozens more are injured across virginia after severe weather strikes wednesday afternoon. the storms swept through appomattox county in the evergreen community, killing one man and injuring seven others. right now, there
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touched down in evergreen. official confirmation would come from a national weather service survey team. no word yet on when a nws team will be in appomattox county. here's what it looked like on wednesday evening along route 460 in appomattox county.the high winds damaged dozens of homes-- some are missing their roof--others are missing walls as rescue crews from across the region raced to the scene, our crews saw neighbors pitching in, helping families one woman says she ran outside, held onto a big tree in a ditch, as the storm blew her mobile home away. "things were hitting me in my back. i felt a tree or limb hit me in my head. i guess it was it may have been part of the house. i didn't see it till i was holding on for dear life.""i could see the dirt and debris just circling and funneling and i knew when i saw the debris flying that it was over."i put her in the bathroom in the shower and i went in there on the floor in be shower. by the time i got
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up on the house." all those people say they are going to clean up, rebuild...and be thankful they are okay. we do have one school closing to tell you about this morning. due to the severe weather in central virginia.. appomattox county schools are closed today. there are a number of homes and businesses still in the dark since the storm rolled through. right now in appomattox county, there without power. appalachian power also reporting hundreds of outages mainly across the region. here's a live look at that outage map: around 4-hundred people are in the dark this morning in roanoke county. 2-hundred in franklin county. high numbers in patrick county, where 7-hundred people are without power right now.
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here on good day virginia. a community shelter has been set up in appomattox county for any residents who are without a place to stay. wfxr's paris holmes has more on how many people have been there throughout the night and what's next. i spoke to a couple volunteers here at the appomattox community center and they say there were about 10 victims here earlier sleeping on the cots behind me. they left because they found somewhere else to stay. but they have about 15 cots here with pillows and warm blankets for any of the victims affected by this tragedy. the volunteers are here from social services and the red cross. they will be relieved in a little while more volunteers, and their job is not over. the red cross will be heading out to the disaster areas in evergreen and red house later on this morning to assess the damage and see how best they can assist. reporting in appomattox county, paris holmes, wfxr news. another arm of this storm hit eastern virginia. take a look at the damage in waverly-- near petersburg . virginia
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young child died after the storm destroyed their home wednesday afternoon. people who live in waverly are reeling from the storm. desmond gardner/witness: it is tragic man i never seen nothing like this before i lost a good friend in the storm and my prayers go out to their family. state police say rescuers found the three victims almost 900 feet away from their destroyed home. authorities put a curfew in place wednesday first responders door to door to make sure no one is missing. strong upper leveltrough moves across today into tonight. high pressure builds in by friday afternoon and then shifts to thesoutheast u.s. over the
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election headquarters. and new this morning. marco rubio is planning a
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according to the "virginia for marco rubio" facebook page, the rally is scheduled for sunday night at 8-30.doors will open at 7-30. the event listing says a venue will be annouced soon--and you will need to rsvp for the event. we'll let you know more details as they become available. fresh off winning the republican caucus in nevada, donald trump spoke at regent university in virginia beach on wednesday.that win on tuesday in nevada now gives the billionaire businessman three straight primary victories.trump spoke on a variety of topics including immigration and taxes.trump also sat down for a one-on-one and televangelist pat robertson as well. donald trump will also be in our part of the state ahead of super tuesday.trump's online schedule shows a planned stop at radford university on monday. that rally will start at noon. however, if you want to go and don't already have tickets-- you are out of luck. an event page for the free rally says it is sold out.
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virginia. the rates of h-p-v infection are dropping. we sit down with a local doctor to find out why!
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virginia. strong upper level trough moves across today into tonight. highpressure builds in by friday afternoon and then shifts to thesoutheast u.s. over the weekend....wind advisory in effect until 7 am
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cloudy. isolated sprinkles this morning...then aslight chance of rain and snow showers this afternoon. much cooler with highs in the mid 40s. west winds 15 to 20 mph withgusts up to 45 mph. chance of precipitation 20 percent. .tonight...mostly cloudy. a slight chance of snow showers in theevening. lows in the upper 20s. northwest winds 15 to 20 mph withgusts up to 45 mph. chance of snow 20 percent. .friday...mostly sunny. scattered flurries in the morning. highsin the lower 40s. northwest winds 15 to 20 mph. gusts up to45 mph...decreasing to 35 mph in the afternoon..friday night...partly cloudy. lows in the mid 20s. northwestwinds 10 to 15 mph with gusts up to 30 mph..saturday...mostly sunny. highs in the mid 40s. west winds around10 mph with gusts up to 20 mph..saturday night and sunday...mostly clear. lows around 30. highsin the lower 50s..sunday night...mostly clear in the evening...then becomingpartly cloudy. not as cool with lows around 40. temperaturerising into the mid 40s after midnight..monday through tuesday night...partly cloudy.
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the rates of h-p-v infection seem to have dropped, since the c-d-c recommended a vaccine, that's according to a newly released government study joining us now with more on this is carilion doctor, dr. john moore. the study looks at four types of the virus -- two of which are responsible for 66-percent of
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states. in just six years, researchers saw the rate of infection among teenage girls drop from 11- point-5 percent to four-point- three percent --- does this surprise you? does it show that more teens are becoming aware? what are you guys
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do in fact become we are continuing to follow the latest out of appomattox county this morning. press conference just a few minutes ago. wfxr's paris holmes is in appomattox county
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virginia tech is getting into the beer brewing business.but it's not clear if the beer
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consumption.w-f-x-r's cooper found out the school is adding the class to it's food science department to give students hands on experience in an industry that's booming in the commonwealth.
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in addition to the undergraduate malting and brewing courses available at tech...the department will soon be offering extension courses to regional beer producers, suppliers, and other people interested in learning more about brewing! more over "like" button! you've got some competiion
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new this morning: facebook has expanded your abililty to react to something on your news feed. now if you hover your mouse over the thumbs up button, you can choose from "like," "love", "sad" or even "angry" faceook says it tested the eactions earlier this year and received good reviews. the
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available world-wide, whether you're at a desktop or using a
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good morning. it's thursday, february 25th thanks for starting your day with good day virginia. i'm kyle benjamin. and i'm january keaton. governor terry mcauliffe after severe storms on wednesday. four people are dead, including one person in appomattox county. wfxr's paris holmes joins us live in appomattox county where a press conference was held at the top of the hour.
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strong upper level trough strong upper strong upper level trough moves across today into tonight. highpressure builds in by friday afternoon and then shifts to thesoutheast
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advisory in effect until 7 am
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a traffic alert this morning for drivers in giles county-- a rock slide has blocked part of route 623.. also known as cascade drive... about three miles north of route 460 in pembroke. one lane of route 623 is back open. workers will try to get the other lane back open later this morning. in botetourt county: the group pushing to stop two historic slave houses from being relocated say they are
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the site. a representative from the friends of greenfield preston plantation group says the county's actions during the past few days prompted the protest. the group made a proposal to the county that would allow the buildings to stay at their the buildings to stay at their original location. one of the buildings was relocated earlier this week, the second slave dwelling is scheduled to be moved later this morning. during black history month we celebrate the achievements of african americans-- contributions to the roanoke valley that often go untold. there is a group trying to make sure roanoke's black history is preserved.. and presented to the masses. this morning we go inside the harrison museum to learn more about the achievements and struggles of roanoke's black residents during the 1800's. wfxr's travell eiland has more. 32-43 it's roanoke history, hanging on a wall.the exhibits inside the harrison museum - ---tells the story of black men and women who helped build up their community during the most difficult times.the black
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1985 and depends on the help of volunteers to operate. its always been about people who volunteer who understood it was important to maintain historycharles price is one of about 100 volunteers who give their time to make sure roanoke's black history is on display and preserved. its not a job its a responsibility to help bring forth the late 18-hundreds-- roanoke's black community was made up of professionals and medical pioneers who worked to improve the standard of living in the historically black gainsboro community. it was doctors and educators--- roanoke at one time was the
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that was travell eiland reporting. the harrison museum is located inside center in the square in downtown roanoke. the
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african- american experience from slavery to black music icons. the curators say-- surface of roanoke's black history. but often times they don't have funding to dig deeper because they rely on donations and some grants to operate. understanding the race the white house. next on good day virginia: we break down the numbers and what it house.
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headquarters.the presidential field is shrinking...and we are getting closer to knowing which candiates will go head to head to be our next president. you've heard about primaries, caucases, conventions, delegates--- what does it all mean...and why is winning the preliminary events so important? zain asher takes a closer look for us this moring and explains how delegates pick a party's nominee. you've seen them wearing funny hats and waving signs at national party conventions... candidates covet them but what exactly is a "delegate" and why are they so important to the presidential race? they come from all fifty states, washington d.c., and every u.s. territory.bigger, more populous states -- like california, texas, florida and new york have more of them.for the most part, candidates "win" delegates though primaries and caucuses...while the rules vary from state to state -- generally more votes means more delegates.this summer thousands of delegates will come together at their national party conventions -- where they declare their support for a specific candidate."ohio madam secretary casts all 188 votes
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in health news this morning. if you're looking for some place that's happy and healthy.. you might want to head to the sunshine state. naples, florida, has the highest well-being in the country, according to a new study. the organization, healthways also says naples has the lowest levels of stress and depression. you've heard it before. adults need to sleep at least seven hours a night. but a new study shows -- more than one third of us don't get enough shut-eye. mary moloney explains why you should start getting more sleep now.
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the ages of 18 and 60 -- need to sleep at least seven hours a night.that's according to two major sleep-related associations.but a national survey by the cdc shows -- more than one-third of us -- sleep less than seven hours. and that's a's why.research shows the less sleep you get -- the more risk you have for obesity -- diabetes -- heart disease -- and mental illness. shut-eye -- try to stick to a schedule.go to bed and wake up at the same times each day. including weekends.keep your room dark -- turn the thermostat low -- and get rid of electronics.yes -- put that phone away.before bed -- don't eat a big meal -- drink caffeine -- or alcohol.and during the day -- try to exercise.if you do all that and still can't get enough rest -- go to your doctor. there may be another problem that's preventing good sleep. so -- consider this your wake- up call -- to start sleeping
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>> 8:00 now here on "good day, virginia". i'm jason caterina. here's what you need to know. temperatures in the 20s, 30s and 40s but with the gusty, gusty winds we're taking a big chunk and it actually feels like it's down in the teens and


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